Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mission 29 - Contact Info in Books

I left a total of 15 notes in books in Chamblin Bookmine on Roosevelt in Jacksonville, FL. Each note said "I like this book too. We should talk about books sometime" along with the link to this site and the email linked to the site. I left notes in History of Murder, I Ching, a book on Taoism, Sophocles' Oedipus Cycle, Cell by Stephen King, A Mother Gone Bad, and multiple copies of Catcher in the Rye.

Wile my brother and I were sticking the last of the notes in copies of Catcher in the Rye, a note fell out of one of the books, and I found another note written on a title page.

It's such a damn funny and true book, keep it!

It may sound cliche, but this is one of my all-time favorites. It helped me understand what writing can be.

Just finding those two notes while sneaking in notes of my own reaffirmed my reasons for starting this blog. These little tasks, just like this, have introduced me to amazing people and provided me with awesome experiences. Although each mission has had a minor effect, when combined this has been an amazing experience overall. As I said recently, I am trying to pull of one of the more large-scale missions while in Jacksonville for winter break. However I am running out of time, and I cannot find anyone with a phone book. I didn't know they were so hard to come by in this day and age. Once it is put into action, I will blog about it. If it does not happen this break, it WILL happen over spring break or summer. So, expect fun things in the hopefully-near future.