Saturday, July 25, 2009

The other night I got these tweets from WeekendWarrior. It truly makes my day whenever I get things like this.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Mission 5 REDUX - Mail the Sky

Along with the camera I received in the mail yesterday from David, I also got a picture of the sky sent to him from someone else. This is an amazing cloud picture taken from a plane. If you took this picture, let me know. I love it.


Mission 7 REDUX - I Love Disposable Cameras

Yesterday I received my camera back from David. I could not have been more excited, and I immediately got the pictures developed. This is obviously going to be picture heavy.














Friday, July 17, 2009

David Horvitz in the LA Times

Art Review: David Horvitz at 2nd Cannons Publications

Mission 14 - Following the foot prints

Okay so maybe I failed on the "rainy day/dusk" aspect of this. But isn't every day in Florida during the summer a gloomy day? This was taken last week in Palm Beach, right outside of the Breakers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mission 13 - Giving away the sky

For this mission, I bought prints of my three favorite sunset pictures. One I took in 2007 in Hawaii, and the other two I took in St. Augustine in 2008. On the back of each one is written "A sunset, for you." There are 30 total.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mission 12 - Dear Mr. Post Man

I did not take a picture of myself doing this, because the man at the UPS store seemed pretty concerned for my sanity without me taking pictures. At first he wouldnt let me send it, but eventually I lied and said I have done it before and they let me then. So, it eventually got sent out. He told me over and over that I can't be angry if it is damaged, and I told him I don't care. To be safe, I sent two. I mailed one to my house, and one to my dad's house, who lives on the other side of the neighborhood, but has a different post man. So that will be interesting to see. Hopefully they actually took some pictures. Although, how the world is these days they may think "ANTHRAX!" and just not open the baggie. I will be home in Jacksonville on Saturday, and I will get the pictures developed then (if anything even comes in the mail, and if any pictures were even taken).


Mission 11 - Reblog This

Trust me, I have.


Mission 8 REDUX- "Please dont leave me."

$2 - Ice cream man on Las Olas

$8 - Lowes, bought flower seeds for a future mission.

$20 - Valet at my building for Jenn's parking

I bought ice cream the other night and used some of my written on dollar bills, and then my friend Jenn got ice cream after me. The ice cream man gave her one of my dollars as change, ad I told her to tell me where she spends it.

Last night I got $100 out of the ATM, and I wrote on eahc of the twenties. I know that defacing money is a crime, and it goes unnoticed on dollar bills. We will see what happens now.


Mission 10 REDUX - Walk with me?

Later on on Friday night I checked my Twitter to find this...


I was thrilled. I have about 50 fliers left that I will be scattering about Jacksonville next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mission 10 - Walk with me?

I made my little ad for a walking companion and got them copied at Kinkos. Then this afternoon, while walking around Las Olas, I stuck them on cars and taped them up in random little places, like in the middle of a tunnel. While putting them on cars in a parking lot, I was stopped by a security guard. He told me that advertisements were not allowed. I told him it was not an advertisement, just a little note. He asked to see it, and I felt immediately self-conscious. He looked at the note for a whole minute, then looked at me like I am crazy. We talked for a little while, about what I am doing and what I hope to get out of it. We talked about my future plans for some of the larger missions I am working on, and what I plan to do if someone wants to go on a walk with me. He was worried for my safety, and told me never to go on a walk alone. I told him that I didn’t think anyone would really want to go on a walk, but I am hoping they do. While talking to him, a car drove by with a family inside. Their window was down, and my friend Mr. Blackburn the security officer stopped them, then had me give them a sheet. The man didn’t even open it, he was already looking at me like I was crazy. The security guard took my flier with him, and I told him to let me know if he wants to take a walk sometime. “Probably not…” haha. He does have the link to this page though. So, Mr. Blackburn, if you are reading this: Hello. Thank you for letting me post my silly little notes.

Each mission that I completed today involved someone else. The security guard. The barista. The woman in the pink dress. I hope these missions continue to affect other people.

I have about 50 fliers left that I will give out and put up in Jacksonville next week.

Did you see my post it, my dollar bills, or did you get a note from me, asking to take a walk sometime? Let me know.

Want to go on a walk? Email and let me know.

Mission 9 - "The sky looks nice today."

I wrote “The sky looks nice today.” on 6 post-its, and went down Las Olas and put them on parking meters and light posts. I was standing on a corner with another woman, and while waiting to cross the street, I taped one above the crosswalk button. She looked at the post-it, looked at me, looked at the sky then remarked, “You know what? The sky DOES look nice today.”

Mission 8 - "Please dont leave me."

I got $20 out of an ATM, cashed it in for all ones, and wrote “Please don’t leave me” differently on each one. So far, I have spent $5

$1 – Someone’s parking meter was expired, and I put in a dollar.

$4 – Starbucks frappuccino. I felt like I was laundering counterfeit bills when I bought my frappuccinoin all ones with “please don’t leave me” written on them. I gave the nice cashier my money, and he gave me my change. As I was putting the change into my wallet, he handed me one of my dollar bills. “Here, you gave me $5.” “Oh, did I?” I began to take the dollar, but I was pretty sure I gave him $4. Then he said, “Oh, wait. You did give me four. You know how I remembered? This one ways ‘please don’t leave me.’ I guess that’s why it says that. To make me notice.” This made me smile.

Get one of my dollars? Let me know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mission 7 - I Love Disposable Cameras

So how could I pass this one up?

Mission 6 - Returned Mail From Around the World

For this, I clicked around on Google maps. The first one I chose was Mt Eliza, Victoria. I chose this one because I have a friend that moved there years ago. The second I chose was South Africa. I have never been anywhere in Africa aside from Egypt, and Egypt hardly counts as Africa. I decided to get two vey different areas of Africa, so I chose South Africa and Madagascar. The last one I chose was Madrid. My favorite painting is housed in a museum in Madrid, and I have never been there. Since I cannot get to the painting, I figured I could send a piece of me to the general region.

To get an address for all of these I took Google Map’s advice and searched “pizza” in the general area. I made each of the addresses one digit off, and put my own name as the recipient in hopes that it gets returned.

Mission 5 - Mail the Sky

Mission 4 - I Feel Silly Mailing Nothing

mail an empty envelope

Mission 3 - How I Got My Headache

To be honest, I hit my head with the door of the freezer on my temple and now I have a pounding headache…

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mission 2 - How Far Away Can I Get?

The farthest away I can get from Jacksonville, Florida – Varanasi, India

Jacksonville, FL 32210 to Jacksonville International Airport

1. Head northeast on Wadham Ln toward Water Oak Ln
2. Turn right at Water Oak Ln
3. Turn left at Long Bow Rd S
4. Turn left at Roosevelt Blvd/US-17
5. Continue to follow US-17
6. Continue on I-95 N
7. Take exit 363B to merge onto Duval Rd/FL-102
8. Slight left at FL-102/Yankee Clipper Dr

J.I.A. Main Terminal Entrance to Varanasi, India

Jacksonville (JAX)
Depart to Atlanta (ATL)
276 mi

Atlanta (ATL)
Depart to Mumbai (BOM)
8,500 mi

Mumbai (BOM)
Depart to Lucknow (LKO)
735 mi

Lucknow (LKO)
Depart to Varanasi (VNS)
153 mi

Varanasi Airport to Palace on Ganges Hotel

1. Head west toward NH 56
2. Turn left at NH 56
3. Continue on Jaunpur Rd
4. Continue on Kautilya Kon Rd
5. Sharp left to stay on Kautilya Kon Rd
6. Sharp right at Kachehari Rd
7. Turn left toward Varuna Bridge
8. Turn left toward Varuna Bridge
9. Continue straight onto Varuna Bridge
10. Continue on Raja Bazar Rd
11. Continue on Lahurabir
12. Turn left at Godowlia Rd
13. Turn right at Sonapura Rd
14. Continue on Bhadani Rd
15. Continue on Pandit Manmohan Malviya Rd
16. Slight left at Sankat Mochan Rd
17. Turn left
18. Turn left
19. Turn right
Destination will be on the left

Palace on Ganges Hotel
B-1/158, Assighat, Varanasi. Pin 221001
Not Specified, Varanasi, 221001, India

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mission 1 - "But what else?"

But what else… Should I have for dinner?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Mission

Last week, I was at the Fort Lauderdale museum. The exhibition I was at was the private collection belonging to four people. One of these people was David Horvitz. His name sounded familiar, so I Googled him. Instead of learning who the collector was, I found the website of David Horvitz, the MFA student from Brooklyn. I recognized some bits of his website from past uses of StumbleUpon. Things like, "If you give me $1,626 I will go to the small Okinawan island called Taketomi and send you an envelope filled with star-sand (don't worry, I've been there before, I know where to go). I will send it from there." While at the museum, I poked around his website via my iPhone, and found his blog. Each day, there was a post of a screen shot with a task for the reader for that day.

I am now on a mission. I plan to complete as many of his tasks as I can.

Here I go.