Monday, July 13, 2009

Mission 12 - Dear Mr. Post Man

I did not take a picture of myself doing this, because the man at the UPS store seemed pretty concerned for my sanity without me taking pictures. At first he wouldnt let me send it, but eventually I lied and said I have done it before and they let me then. So, it eventually got sent out. He told me over and over that I can't be angry if it is damaged, and I told him I don't care. To be safe, I sent two. I mailed one to my house, and one to my dad's house, who lives on the other side of the neighborhood, but has a different post man. So that will be interesting to see. Hopefully they actually took some pictures. Although, how the world is these days they may think "ANTHRAX!" and just not open the baggie. I will be home in Jacksonville on Saturday, and I will get the pictures developed then (if anything even comes in the mail, and if any pictures were even taken).


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