Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mission 6 - Returned Mail From Around the World

For this, I clicked around on Google maps. The first one I chose was Mt Eliza, Victoria. I chose this one because I have a friend that moved there years ago. The second I chose was South Africa. I have never been anywhere in Africa aside from Egypt, and Egypt hardly counts as Africa. I decided to get two vey different areas of Africa, so I chose South Africa and Madagascar. The last one I chose was Madrid. My favorite painting is housed in a museum in Madrid, and I have never been there. Since I cannot get to the painting, I figured I could send a piece of me to the general region.

To get an address for all of these I took Google Map’s advice and searched “pizza” in the general area. I made each of the addresses one digit off, and put my own name as the recipient in hopes that it gets returned.


  1. Hello Kate, I was one of the lucky ones to receive your awesome letter: South Africa Cape Town (i will do my bit to return it to you)...oh and the pizza in kloof street - just up the road - is goooooood.

  2. this is just lovely!