Friday, July 10, 2009

Mission 8 - "Please dont leave me."

I got $20 out of an ATM, cashed it in for all ones, and wrote “Please don’t leave me” differently on each one. So far, I have spent $5

$1 – Someone’s parking meter was expired, and I put in a dollar.

$4 – Starbucks frappuccino. I felt like I was laundering counterfeit bills when I bought my frappuccinoin all ones with “please don’t leave me” written on them. I gave the nice cashier my money, and he gave me my change. As I was putting the change into my wallet, he handed me one of my dollar bills. “Here, you gave me $5.” “Oh, did I?” I began to take the dollar, but I was pretty sure I gave him $4. Then he said, “Oh, wait. You did give me four. You know how I remembered? This one ways ‘please don’t leave me.’ I guess that’s why it says that. To make me notice.” This made me smile.

Get one of my dollars? Let me know.

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